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Hadi Grup

Established in 2020 Hadi Group (PT. Hadi Muda Berkarya) is holdings that houses several digital and retail companies to provide full service digital creatives and investing in technology across Indonesia.

Through the times, our team has represented purity, passion, bring happiness and energy into clients’ life and its surroundings to develop Indonesian Digitals Markets towards a united vision along with our stakeholders and associates.

We build a family of young spirited people with several years of digital creatives experience in multiple industries to consolidated our capabilities into a strong core. From auditing existing market investment to planning and monitoring mixed-channel, we help companies and brands to optimize their ads cost with higher R.O.I by using any data and technology available in our scene.

Digital Agency

Serving digital marketing, web, and apps development businesses. We provide digital marketing services aimed at online stores, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Start-Up companies, corporations, to government agencies, education and health offices.

Retail Products

Providing high quality beef and chicken products at affordable prices. Has a wide selection of fresh, healthy and hygienic beef and chicken for your consumption.

Technology Services

Providing mobile application development services, websites and information systems. Which of course adapts to your needs and is superior.


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